President of Defendant Company

Thank you and David Sawyer and our insurers for the outstanding work to get the not-guilty verdict in this case for us. It seems to us that David Sawyer’s outstanding legal work left the protagonist absolutely no toehold for pursuing the appeals process. If you had an evaluation form, we would give David a hearty “exceeds expectations.” And we had very high expectations.

Vice President and Counsel for a national insurance company

I have been very impressed with your work on this novel case. The quality of your preparation was evident at the hearing and will be shared with the claims department. I’m optimistic for a favorable result in this case!

Claims Examiner with a Major Client

Rishi – I love working with you! You totally have all the balls in the court.

Risk Manager at a Major Corporation

Thanks Jeff, it’s a true pleasure working with you, Matt and the rest of your team on our auto liability claims.

Sr. Claims Specialist for national insurance company

Thanks to you and your firm. First rate job.

Corporate Risk Manager

You are all true professionals, and it was a pleasure working with all of you through this ‘interesting’ matter.

Chairman of the Board, national insurance company

Matt, You have been a delight to work with and you are a phenomenal lawyer. I appreciate all you did for us.

Trial Tactics Committee, DRI

Matt, we had a total of 80 registrants. That is an all-time record for the webcasts I’ve done. The presentation was outstanding! On behalf of the Trial Tactics Committee, thank you for your good work. If our clients need counsel in Atlanta, you are the man we are calling.

Sr. Litigation Examiner for National Insurer

Congratulations Matt! Many thanks to you and your staff for all of your hard work on this case.

Regional Claims Manager, National Insurer

That is great news Matt, thanks for all your efforts.

Client In-House Counsel

Nicole and Michael: Great work! Amazing result.

Sr. Claims Specialist, National Insurer

Matt, Thanks for all your great efforts on this. Great job and great team.


Mike is an excellent attorney and I would have no problem recommending him. From the day we met him to the last days of our homeowners meeting, Mike was always on top of this case. He always supplied us with valued legal opinions and always made the right decisions. For me, I really enjoyed the time spent with Mike throughout all the depositions and the way he worked the witnesses in getting to the bottom line. He was impressive. There is not one doubt in my mind, that if we did not have Mike on our side, the conclusion of… Read More.

Home Office Claims Supervisor, National Insurer

Matt, You continue to remain our go to firm in Georgia! Thank you.

Defense Client

I want to take a minute to thank you and your firm very much for assisting us in our defense of the legal actions taken against our members here at Falls View HOA by Clark Scherer/Oakdale Wiley. Mike St. Amand was a perfect fit for our community. He not only met our expectations but certainly exceeded them. Please know he has our full respect and gratitude and will always have a place in our hearts.

From National Counsel

Great settlement guys. Nice work. The client is very pleased.

Insured Client

We so appreciate your presentation and obvious preparedness for yesterday’s motion hearing. It is our belief that your last summary brief probably helped the judge understand the sequence of events much better and landed you that whopping sum you were awarded. […] Anyway, thank you and we appreciate your efforts. The first and only glimmer of a bright spot since [we were sued].


To Matthew Moffett: A tough case with such a sympathetic plaintiff, well done sir, I’d have you as my lawyer any time!

National Coordinating Counsel for Fortune 500 company

Outstanding work! Great job!

Risk Manager of Fortune 1000 Company

I want to thank you for a job well done, as well as all the hard work put into this by Jeff and the rest of the team. On behalf of my company we very much appreciate your collective efforts.

Lawyer Peer Praise for Matt Moffett

I have personally witnessed Matt in action and he is an exceptional lawyer with an excellent moral compass.

Adverse Counsel Testimonial for Mr. Moffett

Matt Moffett is an honest and straightforward lawyer with excellent trial skills.  He is highly regarded by his professional colleagues.

Client Appreciation for Matt Moffett

Client response to Matt’s latest blog, Paying your fair share (but only your fair share)!   Matt, I enjoyed watching you “do your thing” and I appreciate you sharing. I look forward to seeing what decision the court renders. Thank you for all you do for us and our industry. – Senior Vice President of national insurer  

Client Praise

From the risk manager of a commercial products distributor, for whom we recently prevailed in a case: “This is fantastic news and sets the precedence for future claims against us. I really appreciate your firm’s efforts in this case.”

Client Testimonial

I want to thank you for all of your hard work and the great job you did preparing and trying the case.  I heard along the way what a good job you both did during trial, and several colleagues asked me to pass along their respects for a job well done.   I just got off the phone with the insured and he couldn’t say enough about what great lawyers you both are and how much he appreciated how well you treated him.  His wife used words like “superb” and “fantastic,” and said that she couldn’t have hand picked better attorneys…. Read More.

Client, Insurance Trial

Michael, I must say, this is why I like working with you and your firm. You have been aggressively thorough where it counts. The results of this expert investigation will significantly aid our defense. This is why, according to the jurors in our last trial, we prevailed with the defense verdict on the multi-million dollar fire loss you tried for one of our clients.

Effective Research

Nicole, We found no inaccuracies in either document. We are very impressed with the depth of research evidenced by the thoroughness of both documents and thankful that you are on our side. Thanks


Michael & Matt, This is an excellent result in a case with significant injuries! Thank you for your long, enduring effective job protecting our insured. Best Regards,


You just keep knocking them out of the park. Am I ever going to read the FCDR and not see your picture under the title “Big Defense Win”…..?


Great result. Another Matt Moffett verdict that will become a standard part of my mediator shtick.


Matt, let me join the parade of people offering their congratulations. Great article. The article had you holding your own before a barrage of questions. I must admit I am not surprised. Your intellect, drive and work ethic are unsurpassed. The article in the FCDR is terrific. You can’t buy publicity like that.


Matt, congrats on another win. You have my nomination for the Defense Lawyer of your generation. No doubt you are separating yourself from the pack. Keep up the good work.

Adverse Counsel Testimonial

Thanks Matt. You are the man to beat these days, so good luck. I really appreciate our friendship and look forward to many more years of this together. Good luck in Cobb. I will call the FCDR for you if you need some press, or give a great quote on your behalf.

Defense Lawyer Peer

I am still wondering how you pulled it off for the at fault driver!!


Matt, congratulations to you on yet another jury trial victory this year. You and Mike Rust have had great jury trial victories this year.


Matt, I wanted to pass along my congratulations to you for the result on this case and the appreciation of our insured. I have shared a letter sent to me from the insured with our management here. It expresses appreciation for the professionalism and skill demonstrated by all involved in this case, including the legal representation your firm provided. Thank you for your efforts as our panel counsel.


Matt, Thank you. It was a great verdict and I am sure the insured individual is in a better state of mind now. You did an excellent job in the defense of this case. It was my pleasure to work with you.


Matt: Congratulations on the decision. Thank you for your great work! You guys are developing almost a mythic reputation for your positive results. I am glad you are working on our side.


Nice work Matt, you are batting a thousand this year.


Matt- I finally got around to reading the case summaries {Daily Report}. While these were older claims, my understanding is that to try 4 claims in one year would be a lot; much less to have done so within 3 months. I note the high/low agreement as to the pedestrian claim. Very impressive!

Juror Recommendation

A friend of mine was a juror in one of your cases a few years ago and she respected you and your work. This is why I am contacting you. I would love to speak with you at your convenience.